About Drew Panckeri

Born in New Jersey in 1985 and currently residing in Philadelphia, Drew graduated from The Art institute of Philadelphia with a BA in multimedia and web design.  Since, he's developed a variety of occupations and preoccupations - working as a designer, a self taught painter, a single panel cartoonist, and more.

Drawing cartoons came naturally as a child, spending many days in school quietly concerned with the world inside my notebook, making my friends laugh, or the many projects I would have running concurrently, like building a house out of post it notes for my erasers to live in.  Clad in an extra large Far Side shirt and a 90's bowl cut parted down the middle, I carried on.

Somewhere the pursuit dwindled and was pushed aside until my early twenties when I began drawing again - discovering and inspired by alternative comic book artists like R. Crumb, Dan Clowes, Jeff Smith, and Will Eisner, to name just a few.  After about a decade of pounding my head against the wall with long form graphic novels, one-shot comics, and illustrations I began to pursue single panel cartooning, the rest, as they say, is history.

Since 2014 Drew has been publishing with the likes of The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, and more.