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About Drew Panckeri

Born in Point Pleasant, New Jersey in 1985 – Drew graduated from The Art institute of Philadelphia with a BA in multimedia and web design.  Since, he's developed a variety of occupations and preoccupations - working as a single panel cartoonist, a fine arts painter, and more.

Drawing came naturally as a child, spending many days in school quietly concerned with the world inside a notebook, making friends laugh with MAD style parodies, or the many other distractions that would keep him in trouble and off the recess field.

In his early twenties Drew began to create comics and illustrations, spurned on by the introduction of underground and independent comics and many other author / illustrators (ie. R. Crumb, Dan Clowes, Maira Kahlman, William Steig, to name a few) .  This road eventually forked off to single panel cartooning, as well as book illustration, painting, and various 2D/3D folk art objects.

Since 2015 Drew has been publishing with the likes of The New Yorker, Mad Magazine, and more.

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